Laser Hair Removal


Hair Removal (for smooth skin). We use Gentle Yag which is the most effective and appropriate hair removal device for Asian skin. The hair will be permanently removed and the device has been approved by USA FDA.


Laser energy is absorbed into melanin content in hair glands. This absorbed energy will destroy the surrounding hair roots. When the roots are destroyed, hair will be fallen off and does not grow again. Laser energy of Gentle Yag has been designed to use with Asian people like Thai people so you can be sure that Gentle Yag will not cause complications such as burn or darker skin after IPL laser.


Q:  The customers are not sure if the hair is permanently removed or not?

A:   We use Gentle Yag in our clinic which is the most effective and appropriate hair removal device for Asian people. 80 – 90% of hair will be permanently removed. This device has been approved by USA FDA.


Q:   How many treatment required to see the result?

A:   It depends on the hair size of each person. However, it is recommended that you have  6 – 8 treatments. After that it will be apparent that the hair is getting very thin and too weak to grow again.


Q:  How to remove hair before laser?

A:  It is recommended that you shave 1 – 2 days before the treatment. However, it is absolutely ok to have our staff shave it for you. Please do not do outdoor activities for a long time (sunbath, golf) and do not pull off the armpit hair on the week before laser.


Q:   Any special care after hair removal?

A:   After the laser treatment, do not use deodorant for 2 – 3 days to avoid irritation. Do not use AHA after the first 1 – 2 days. You could probably feel burning sensation on the armpit skin. After the treatment the hair will not fall off right away but it will gradually fall off within 1 – 2 weeks. Please apply the anti-irritation cream for 1 – 3 days as recommended by the doctor.


Q:  Could hair removal help with armpit skin whitening and reduce unpleasant odor?

A:   Yes it could whiten and smooth the skin. Plus, laser shrinks the glands that produce unpleasant odor so the odor is also reduced.