Acne Laser Removal Treatment


  • Triple Clear is the projection of sets of high intensity laser through the skin into the deeper layer to remove dark circles and red acne spots. It stimulates more collagen and elastin production and treats the wrinkles caused by sunlight. Your skin will be rejuvenated, free from red acne spots, discoloration, and looking brighter.
  • Skin Radiance is our most recent laser treatment that treats freckles and discoloration on face and body. It also works with tattoos and birthmarks. After the treatment you will experience the better change on your face. You are just a treatment away to the bright and smooth facial skin. And if you are looking for something for the surgery wound, wounds you got from accidents, and hairs, this is the answer.


Q:        What is Skin Radiance?

A:         Skin Radiance is the most recent treatment that treats freckles and discoloration problems. This is the problem commonly found in both women and men. It is also the wound-free treatment. You will be having better skin condition right after the treatment. Apart from face, it also works with surgery wound, wounds from accident, and tattoos.


Q:        Does it cause any side effects?

A:         It is focused treatment which means it works on the particular discolored spots and does not affect the area around it. Side effects are rare which could be slight burn. It also works safely with every skin color.


Q:        How is it different from other types of laser?

A:         Skin Radiance works best to treat black spots, boost collagen production, rejuvenate your skin, tighten the pores, and we can say it is the best laser treatment at the moment.


Q:        How many treatment I needs to see the result?


A:         It is recommended that you have the treatment for 2-4 consecutive weeks depending on your skin condition, and 5-6 treatment for the apparent result. The intervals depend on the skin type of each person. Our doctors will be planning for the treatment that is most appropriate to you.



  • Vitamin Booster Treatment (VBT)

Vitamin Booster Treatment is a shortcut that brings vitamin right to the skin. It helps the skin to absorb the vitamin 50 times more. With sufficient vitamin, the skin will be returning to its natural self when the treatment is over. It is another way that gives you the brightening skin in an effective and quick manner.


Q:        What are the steps of VBT?

​A:         Our staff will be cleaning your face before applying the vitamin on the skin. The device will be gently put on the skin. Light current will push the vitamin into the skin. The absorbed vitamin will help reduce the dark circles and brighten the facial skin. The whole treatment takes only 30 minutes. It does not take long but the result is very satisfying.


What you will get from VBT

  • Brighter and healthier facial skin
  • Less wrinkles
  • Less dark circles
  • Less dark acne spots


Q:        The recommended intervals between each treatment

​A:         It depends on each person’s skin condition. At the beginning you should have the treatment at least once a week for 3 consecutive weeks and have more intervals after that. To maintain the pleasant facial skin, it is recommended that you have continuous treatment for 1 -2 times a month.


Q:        Does it have side effects?

A:         VBT focuses on cells maintenance. It is effective, easy, and simple. It does not have any side effects to the face.