Ulthera is a high technology procedure using ultrasound energy to lift and tighten loose skin and give you the younger appearance you are looking for. During the procedure the doctors could see the image of your skin through the See and Treat equipment. That’s how the energy is adjusted appropriately to each patient for the best benefit.


Q:  What is Ulthera?

A:   It is the treatment that counteracts the gravity on your skin on the face, neck, or hands. It uses ultrasound on the focused area (Focus Ultrasound) which is the most recent innovation for Dermatologists. The ultrasound is delivered to specific area through the skin. The heat then disperses and becomes numerous spots under the skin. It focuses on the area where the upper layers of muscles are connected to the collagen layers which is located in the deeper layer of the skin. It can penetrate down to 4 – 7 centimeters deep.


Q:   How would I feel during the procedure?

A:   When the ultrasound energy is being released to the under skin tissue it could be slightly painful and the warming sensation under the skin. However this feeling is different from one to another.


Q:  I am scared of the pain can I do it?

A:  At Medivisage the anesthesia will be administered to you whether on your skin, orally, or  by injection. You will be 100% free from pain during Ultera and all of these are done under the supervision of our anesthesiologist from Ramathibodi hospital. You do not have to worry about the pain.


Q:   What problems Ulthera could fix?

A:    Ulthera works best in sagging skin, upper eyelid, lower eyelid, and wrinkles. It is also recommended for those who would like to reshape their face.


Q:    How long it takes to see the result?

A:    Just only one treatment and you will gradually see the result you are waiting for. The result will be clearly seen after 3 months.


The test result showed that 9 out of 10 patients can clearly see the lift of the brow line, have bigger round eyes and younger looking appearance. They also felt tightened pores, smoother skin around the face and neck without surgery.