Micro Refine

Micro Refine
Micro Refine adds collagen to the skin for younger looking appearance. If you are looking for the way to refine your skin, smooth the wrinkles, and produce new skin cells without surgery, Micro Refine is your choice. We are using holistic advanced innovation focusing on individual difference and the most appropriate way for each person. The high intensity radio frequency creates the appropriate amount of heat to shrink the collagen and enhance the refining process in a natural way. New collagen will also be produced to lift the sagging skin and give you the new smooth skin without pain and the result can be seen immediately. The doctors will be controlling the intensity and duration of the procedure depending on the skin condition of each patient to ensure optimum benefit.

Micro Refine Laser generates heat on the specific area. Radio frequency is used to create the heat appropriate to the lower layer of the skin. This way, the collagen located there is warmed up. This process shrinks certain amount of collagen and helps produce the new one to fix the damaged skin hence you feel your skin is more like lifted.

Q:        How would I feel during Micro Refine Laser?

A:         Small amount of gel will be applied on the skin to warm it up so there’s no need to use topical anesthesia on the face and neck. The procedure could take up to 75 minutes.

Q:        How would I feel after Micro Refine?

A:         Some patients may find their skin slightly red but it will disappear within a few minutes. After Micro Refine Laser, patients can do their usual activities and can apply sunscreen cream right away.

Q:        On what part I can have Micro Refine?
A:         Micro Refine Laser can be done with every skin color and every part of the body where

you find it sagging and want to lift it. The most common parts are face and neck.

Q:        How many treatment sessions do I need?
A:         It is recommended to have one session a month for 5 consecutive months. The doctors

will give you advice on how many sessions appropriate to you and other treatment you might need. Micro Refine Laser is suitable for those who would like to see immediate changes but do not want to have surgery. It takes up to 2 – 3 months to see the best result of Micro Refine Laser as new collagen pad is completely produced by then.

Q:        Any special skin care after Micro Refine?
A:         No need for special skin care.


Results you can see right after the procedure

  • Skin tightening
  • Skin brightening
  • No recovery needed
  • Smoother skin, easier to put make up
  • Pores tightening
  • Less excessive oil in longer term
  • 5 years younger skin
  • The result lasts up to 1 year after completing 6 courses
  • More collagen and elastin produced preventing the skin from sagging
  • Pleasant face shape
  • Less wrinkles