Filler Injections

Filler add volume to the face, usually by filling in the wrinkles and lines or spots on the face that need to be filled for aesthetic purposes such as cheek lines, under eyes, and chins. Sometimes it is used for plumping up areas of the face such as lips.

Q:  Is filler harmful?

A:  Medivisage offers high quality filler. It is Hyaluronic Acid approved by US FDA and Thai FDA, that’s why it is safe and causes minimum allergy. Our doctors at Medivisage are also experienced in botox and filler injections. You can be sure that your appearance will be naturally improved with optimum safety.

Q:  How long it takes for filler to see the result?

A:  After the injection to the particular area, filler works right away and the result is apparent right after injection. However, the doctors will make appointment with you to come back in 2 weeks to see if you need to add more. The result could last 1 – 2 years after the injection.

Q:  What problems fillers can fix?

A:   Normally the doctors use fillers for 2 cases. First for the aging wrinkles such as lines on the forehead, crow’s feet, and cheek lines which fillers can add the lost collagen. Hence the lines look smoother and the skin condition looks better. Second is for face reshaping. It plumps up noses, chins, foreheads, and lips for finer face shape.

Q:  Can I change anything after filler injection?

A:   Filler dissolving agent can be injected right away if you are not happy with what you get. No need to panic, 60-70% of the injected fillers dissolves within the first 15 – 20 minutes after injection of the dissolving agent. The rest of them will be dissolving within 1 week.