Meso Slim Fat

Meso Slim Fat is the injection that melts away fat deposit under the skin. We use white kidney bean extract that melts the fat and get rid of it. One month after injection most patients found that the treated area is 2-4 inches smaller. Apart from giving the quick result it also gets rid of cellulite. That’s why it is so much popular. It is a safe procedure and side effects are minimal. You might have slight bruises on the injection site which will disappear by itself.

What you need to know about Meso Slim

  • It works better in women than men due to less bands of connective tissues.
  • It gives better result when combined with Double Slim Plus laser or Firm Plus laser.
  • Drink lots of water and have light exercise to increase lymph drainage and waste elimination for better treatment result.

Q:   What is the advantage of Meso Slim?

A:   It can be modified for each patient to fix the problem right to the point.

*to reduce the size of body parts, it is best to combine it with Double Slim Plus or Firm Plus laser