Body Reshaping

Body Reshaping

“Body reshaping program for specific problem areas where Meso Slim Fat and diet program are combined for optimum benefit”


Body Reshaping

“MediBody Program” is the total body shaping program popular among celebrities and superstars. With the experience and healthcare attention, our doctors know exactly the problems most people who are trying to lose weight and maintain the ideal weight have. Behavioral and life style changes are what our doctors mainly focused on. We are offering the program designed by MediVisage which combined Double Slim Laser, Firm Plus Laser, Meso Slim Body, and Diet Program together. More importantly, we also have M-Plus, our supplementary specially designed to boost your metabolism for effective and sustainable weight loss and control without yo-yo effect. You will be a new healthy person with glowing skin and confidence. Let this change bring you the happiness you deserve.



  1. Double Slim Laser is the combination of technologies that offers triple action. The radio frequency is transformed to heat when penetrated under the skin. The heat boosts metabolism and collagen production. Vacuum massaging system enhances blood and lymph circulation which ultimately the excessive fat will be better eliminated.

Q:        What is Double Slim?

A:         Double Slim is the procedure that disperses fat cells and can be done on the specific parts of the body where you want them to tighten.

The energy is designed to disperse throughout the fat layer which ensures the best result and it is the new choice for those who would like to lose weight but can’t find time for exercise or are afraid of liposuction. It is the most recent innovation to get rid of fat and tighten the body part all in just one treatment. That’s why it is not as complicated as traditional liposuction and the patient does not have to undergo the painful and blood-loss surgery. There’s also no need to recovery after the treatment. You are about to have the beautiful body, smooth and tightened skin with optimum safety before you know it.


Q:        Is Double Slim safe?

A:         The patient might feel the warming sensation on the treated area. You don’t have to worry about over heating because Double Slim device has heat detection system to prevent the skin from getting burned. The device works effectively every step. It is definitely safe and does not leave any wound after the treatment. You can go back to your daily activities afterwards.


Q:        How many treatments I need to see the result?

A:         You can feel the better body shape right after the first treatment. It is recommended that you have the treatment once a week for consecutive 6-8 weeks. The result will be more apparent after the 4th treatment. The number of treatment you need depends on the amount of excessive fat deposit of that area and the doctor’s discretion.


  1. Firm Plus is the technology for body lifting and tightening. It helps smooth the skin and under skin cellulite. It is the ideal procedure for those who want their body parts and skin tightened.
  2. Meso Slim Fat is the injection that melts away fat deposit under the skin. We use white kidney bean extract that melts the fat and get rid of it. One month after injection most patients found that the treated area is 2-4 inches smaller. Apart from giving the quick result it also gets rid of cellulite. That’s why it is so much popular. It is a safe procedure and side effects are minimal. You might have slight bruises on the injection site which will disappear by itself.

What you need to know about Meso Slim

  • It works better in women than men due to less bands of connective tissues.
  • It gives better result when combined with Double Slim Plus laser or Firm Plus laser.
  • Drink lots of water and have light exercise to increase lymph drainage and waste elimination for better treatment result.

Q:        What is the advantage of Meso Slim?

A:         It can be modified for each patient to fix the problem right to the point.

*to reduce the size of body parts, it is best to combine it with Double Slim Plus or Firm Plus laser



  1. M-Plus is the supplementary that boost your metabolism to ensure effective and sustainable weight loss without yo-yo effect. Our ultimate 5-in-1 weight loss program offers total weight loss steps and it is highly accepted in the USA. It takes a number of factors to reach the targeted weight but with M-Plus, all 5 necessary factors are combined: Block-Burn-Firm-Control-Relax. It has been well proven for weight loss efficiency and convenience.


Factor 1: Block carbohydrates, sugar, and fat

M-Plus reduces fat deposit, prevents excessive calorie that will change to fat deposit.

  • Whit kidney bean extract blocks carbohydrates digestion enzymes.
  • Seaweed extract blocks sugar and fat digestion enzymes.
  • Opuntiaficusindica absorbs the fat and get rid of it through waste.


Factor 2: Burn the fat deposit

With the work of green Tea Extract, L-Carnitine, Capsaicin Extract, Ginger Extract, and Co Enzyme Q.10, M-plus effectively melts down the fat deposit and get rid of them. Wheat Germ Powder also absorbs the toxic and gets rid of it from the body. As a result, you will be losing weight while looking healthy and fresh.


Factor 3: Firm your body

CLA and Creatinine in M-Plus help tighten your muscles for firm body and nice shape


Factor 4: Balance the body to control food craving

M-Plus maintains blood sugar balancing level which ultimately results in less fat deposit and food craving. The rapid change of blood sugar level causes many problems. If it is too high it will become fat deposit. If it is too low you will be craving for food and eat more than your body wants. Green Tea Extract, L-Canitine, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Co Enzyme Q.10, CLA, and Garcinia Extract work together as the brain booster. It adds ATP and oxygen to your brain. Your brain will be receiving maximum energy to work and control the feeling of being “hungry”. It does not work like old weight loss pills.


Factor 5: Relax from stressfulness

When your body is stressed out from daily activities, personal matters, and environment, the adrenal gland releases excessive cortisol which is the cause of food craving and the feeling that you can eat all the time. It eventually leads to more fat deposit and weight gain. M-Plus helps balance cortisol to the ideal amount, therefore you wouldn’t feel craving anymore.


Q:        What is M-Plus? Does it really help with weight loss?

A:         M-Plus has been widely accepted in USA. It provides 5 factors for weight loss in one: Block-Burn-Firm-Control-Relax and its efficiency has been proven.


Q:        Does it have side effects?


A:         You could probably feel thirsty and have dry lips so the doctors will suggest that you drink lots of water.


Q:        How long should I take M-Plus and how much weight will I lose?

A:         At the beginning the doctors would recommend that you take it for 1 – 3 consecutive months. During that period you should stay on diet. Within 1 month you could lose 1 – 3 kg. After reaching your ideal weight you can discontinue it.


Q:        Will I have yo-yo effect afterwards?

A:         No need to worry about yo-yo effect. Its ingredient is 100% natural such as white kidney bean extract, seaweed extract, Opuntiaficusindica, and L-canitine.